Skin Game Changers Absolutely Everyone Will Benefit From

February 21, 2023

close up eye with pink eyeshadow and dewy glow

When it comes to achieving amazing skin, we understand that everyone desires a flawless complexion, especially brides preparing for their wedding day. Here are our top tips on how to take care of your skin in the lead up to your special day:

πŸ’¦  Drink water!

-I know it may seem obvious but so many of us don’t drink enough water. While individual hydration needs may vary, a general guideline is to aim for a minimum of 1.5 liters (or about 8 glasses) of water per day. Staying properly hydrated helps to promote skin elasticity, flush out toxins, and maintain a radiant complexion. It’s important for brides (and everyone) to prioritize hydration as part of their overall skincare routine.

🚿 Cleanse & Tone

-Remove makeup: Firstly and most importantly make sure you are removing ALL of your makeup. Using a gentle face wash or cleansing oils are great too, especially for waterproof or more stubborn makeup.

-Tone: toner is an important step overlooked by many! Use a cotton pad to apply your toner. This will help to remove any excess makeup that you may have missed during your cleanse. Toner has so many benefits including tightening your pores (which helps keep baddies like dirt and grime out of your skin) and restoring your skins pH balance (which can be put out of whack when cleansing) opt for a toner that contains B5 to help against moisture loss.

β›” Say NO to sugar

-It’s not a secret that sugar is bad for you. Refined sugar is an obvious one but try to avoid foods like pizza, pasta & white bread too as these carby foods will all convert into sugar in your body causing inflammation, breakouts & rosacea.

🌞 πŸŒ™ Moisturise day & night

-No matter what your skin type is, you need to moisturise to keep your skin hydrated and looking amazing. Apply your moisturiser by massaging it into your skin when your skin is still damp as this will increase blood circulation and help your skin to best absorb the moisturiser. Do your research and invest in a moisturiser that is perfect for your skin type.

🌱 Eat your Vitamins!

-Vitamins D, C, E & K are your skins best friend. Together they can help reduce redness, dryness, wrinkles, inflammation, under-eye circles and the list goes on! If you aren’t getting enough vitamins in your diet, invest in some supplements to up your daily vitamin intake. Keep an eye out for these vitamins when choosing your skincare for an external boost to your skin.