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About The Beauty Mat

Designed with Makeup Artists, Hair stylists, and Beauticians in mind, enhancing the hygiene and professionalism of your workstations. Our Beauty Mats are lightweight and easy to roll up, making them the perfect addition to your kit.


key features

  • Easy Cleaning: Simply wipe down with your brush cleaner to disinfect between clients, wash with warm water and soap at the end of the day, or even toss in the dishwasher on lazy days.

  • Durable Silicone: Crafted for longevity with high-quality silicone.

  • Eco-Friendly: Free from harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, BPS, Lead, and phthalate, making them safe for you and the planet.

  • Heat-Resistant: Suitable for use with heat tools.

  • Non-Slip: Features a slip-resistant base.

  • Compact Storage: Roll up easily and secure with the loop tab, perfect for travel and kit storage.

  • Size: Each Mat measures 50cm x 25cm

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