How To Perfect Your Bridal Look

February 21, 2023

bridal hair and makeup

10 top tips to turn heads on your wedding day

1. Skin prep

Skin prep doesn’t start the night before; it starts months out from your wedding date. Start your facial treatments 12-9 months out from your wedding date to give your skin time to adjust to the treatments before the big day. Invest in a high quality skin care suited to your skin type, keeping it hydrated between treatments and resulting in perfect glowy skin!

2. Eat Green & Hydrate

Making healthy choices before your big day will not only make you look amazing but it will make you feel great too! Cut out sugar where possible and make sure you are drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day – Coffee & tea is not counted!

3. Beauty sleep

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to the lead up of your day! We know this can be hard with all of the nerves, but making sleep a priority will do wonders. They call it beauty sleep for a reason! Give yourself a wind-down evening routine. It could be yoga, meditation, a hot bath, reading a book,- anything to relax your mind. Make sure you aren’t having caffeine any later than 12pm and no screen time 1 hr before bed.

4. Exercise

At least 30 minutes a day! Choose any type of exercise you enjoy so you can keep it up. Your skin will benefit from the exercise and help to give you healthy-looking skin, plus it’s a great way to tone up- double win!

5. Trial, Trial, Trial

Be sure to book trials for all of the new services you will be getting for your day. These include spray tans, facial hair removal, eyelash extensions, nails, makeup & hair. This will not only ensure you are completely happy with everything, it will also give you peace of mind before your day… all the better for that beauty sleep!

6. Choose your Hair & Makeup Wisely

Don’t feel pressured to go with what others think, or what may be trendy at the time! Your hair and makeup should reflect your personal style and suit your features. You should feel 100% comfortable in whatever you choose, so you can rock it with confidence.

7. Bring a Touch-up Bag

No need to pack your entire makeup bag, just the essentials to keep your makeup looking fresh and perfect. Touch up essentials include blotting paper to help control access oil and reduce shine, cotton buds/tissues for any (happy) tears or transfer under your eyes and of course your lippy for a quick re-application if needed.

8. Say Yes to Lashes

Great lashes can do wonders for your look! They open up your eyes and can give you that wow factor without being over the top. Opt for lash extensions or individual lashes over strip lashes. This way your lashes will be applied to match your eye shape and can be altered depending on how natural or dramatic you would like to go.

9. Spray Tan Correctly

Half the success of a beautiful tan is the prep work. Make sure to moisturise your skin every day during the week leading up to your tan so you are nicely hydrated ensuring the tan will sit evenly on your skin. Shave and exfoliate the evening before and opt for a double coat (vertical & horizontal) for a flawless, even tan. Don’t forget your face! Remember to wear loose clothing to your appointment to avoid any marks from your clothing after your tan is completed.

10. Love Your Hair

Much the same as your skin, hair can always do with some loving! Now’s the time to invest in a conditioning treatment. Keeping your hair hydrated helps to smooth the hair and avoid those pesky flyaways. Make an appointment with your hairdresser to discuss your wedding day hair colour and hairstyle. They may need to cut your hair slightly differently or ask you to grow your hair depending on your chosen hairstyle.