Introducing the Beauty Tribe (BT) VIP Membership.

June 12, 2023

We’re beyond excited to launch our amazing Beauty Tribe Program here in Tauranga! This exclusive membership is all about celebrating beauty enthusiasts like you – individuals and businesses who crave top-notch hair and makeup services!

The Beauty Tribe Program was born out of our commitment to provide an unparalleled hair and makeup experience tailored to your unique needs. We aim to forge strong connections with our valued members, offering a range of benefits designed to enhance your personal or business hair and makeup journey.

As a member, you’ll score some seriously cool perks! Exclusive discounts on our services, ensure that your ongoing editorial/commercial work or recurring hair and makeup needs are met with exceptional quality and care. Additionally, surprise offers reserved exclusively for our members will add an extra element of excitement and delight along the way.

Curious to learn more about the Beauty Tribe Program? Here are all the juicy details you need to know:

Membership Benefits: As a Beauty Tribe VIP member, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive perks tailored to your hair and makeup needs. This includes a 10% discount on our Tauranga mobile services and a 15% discount on all in-studio services.

Who Can Join: The Beauty Tribe Program is open to both individuals and businesses. Whether you’re seeking ongoing editorial/commercial work or a client with recurring hair and makeup needs, this program is designed for you.

Exclusions: While the discounts apply to individual bookings, please note that they do not apply to weddings, special occasion group bookings, or any associated travel fees. We want to make sure we’re transparent about what’s included and what’s not.

Membership Details: The BT VIP membership is non-transferable, meaning it’s exclusively for the individual who enrolls in the program. This ensures that each member receives the full benefits and attention they deserve throughout their membership period.

Surprise Offers: Ah, the cherry on top! As a Beauty Tribe member, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. We have exclusive surprise offers lined up throughout your membership period, just for you. It’s our way of adding that extra touch of excitement to your hair and makeup journey.

Membership fee: To join the Beauty Tribe, a one-time fee of just $100 is required. This fee covers your three-year membership and unlocks a world of exclusive benefits.

To become a member of our VIP Program, reach out on your preferred communication channel. You can fill out our contact form, send an email, give us a call, or connect with us via social media. Let us know of your interest, and we’ll guide you through the enrollment process. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information and guidance to complete the enrollment process smoothly. This may involve filling out a form and providing some basic details.

Once enrolled, you’ll officially join our Beauty Tribe family, enjoying pampering services, exclusive discounts, and epic surprise offers throughout your membership. We can’t wait to welcome you!